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Engineering Plastics and Rubber Suppliers to industry

Suppliers of plastic, rubber, and sponge sheeting, building on over 20 years’ experience in the industry Whitecrest Products was established in 2016 with the objective of supplying to a complete cross-section of industries with a comprehensive range of industrial rubber and plastic products.

This ranges from simple rubber sheet material converted to cut washers, gaskets, and seals etc to sheet plastics cut panels and machined components.

Our vast range of plastic and rubber products are suitable for standard applications across a wide range of industries and purposes. From rubber sheets to industrial plastics, we can supply you with a high-quality product to meet your needs.

Suppliers of Engineering Plastics and Rubber Sheeting, Matting, Gaskets and Washers

Whitecrest Products has been established since 2016.

Whether you are looking for a new supplier our extensive range of products includes rubber sheeting, strip, rubber matting, extrusions, mouldings and rubber gaskets and washers. We specialise in producing bespoke cut parts to customer requirement and aim to offer a quick turn-around from receipt of order.

Whether you require rubber gaskets and washers or bespoke studded rubber matting or sheeting, we are reliable suppliers of a wide range of products where quality comes first. With years of experience in the field of supplying these materials we are able to meet our clients’ bespoke requirements while producing and supplying a rubber, plastic or foam product which has gone through stringent quality control checks.

We are not just a supplier of quality rubber sheeting, gaskets, and washers. We also supply a wide range of other products including, anti-vibration components and matting and other products please contact us for further details

No customer or enquiry is too small! We believe in always giving clients our best attention and sound advice, drawing on our many years of experience in this field.